Affiliate Program


What is the Affiliate Program?

We advise members of Arbitrage people to promote it to increase their earnings. We reward loyalty and offer commissions to our loyal members who spread the word, paying them for each deposit the people they invite make.

A referral is basically invited by you to join Arbitrage people. Standard members receive a commission of 8% on the first level of the referral system. The second level offers 4%, 2% for the third and 1% for the fourth level. Commissions are higher for official representatives, who earn 14% for the first level, 6% for the second, 3% for the third and 2% for the fourth level.

What Does it Take to be a Representative?

A representative is a special counsellor at Arbitrage people . They help their local investors and fellow countrymen join Arbitrage people. This includes people of every experience level; from professionals to beginners with no online investment experience. We show our appreciation for the efforts made by representatives by offering them higher commissions. To qualify as a representative, you must have at least $1500 in active deposits. You are also required to fill in the form with all the necessary information. Sometimes we may get in touch with you and ask for additional details. This is to ensure that any representative we take on board is really ready to help new members onboard to Arbitrage people.

The Benefits of Being a Representative

All Arbitrage people representatives receive additional commissions on their referrals. Representatives are paid a 14% for their first commission, 6% for the second, 3%% on the third and 2% on fourth level.

We have a maximum number of representatives, which currently stands at 250. Spots are opened up as we regularly take inactive representatives out of the program. You may be contacted by one of our top representatives. They will ask you some questions about Arbitrage people in order to ensure you can answer the questions about Arbitrage people you could be asked by someone you are trying to refer. Our representatives are one of the vital elements of developing the Arbitrage people program. We need people who truly understand who we are and what we do.

Is There Anything I Can Do if I Have No Marketing Skills?

It's easy to understand Arbitrage people as we like to keep things straightforward. People are always looking for new ways to make money. This is one of the main reasons they will listen when you introduce them to Arbitrage people. No matter if you have any marketing experience or not, our affiliate program can be trusted to offer you up some additional income each month. This is all 100% passive income as well.

All of the marketing materials you could need can be found inside your Arbitrage people account. If you come up with a great idea but you need a little additional funding, then don't hesitate to contact us. Send an email to and we'll do what we can for you.