Account Issues

How do I start?
Our system works automatically. You don't need to worry about giving us personal information during the registration process. All you must do is enter a little bit of basic information in the appropriate field and then click "sign up". After the account is created, you will be automatically taken to your own personal control panel dashboard.

Do I have to use the same payment processor for every deposit?
Not at all. Users can use as many different payment systems as they want to make their deposits. The withdrawal page keeps track of all of this for you, telling you how you can withdraw your money.

Can I open multiple accounts?
We don't allow users to open multiple accounts. We restrict accounts to just one per computer and one per member. Not following these Arbitrage people rules about multiple accounts and other rules and regulations can lead to serious consequences. A single person or computer running accounts can lead to the accounts being deactivated and closed. Account deposits are returned in the event of an account being closed, but earnings are not returned.

Can my family members create their own accounts on a shared computer?
We do allow multiple accounts on a shared computer, but on the condition that you don't abuse the referral system by referring family members.

Help! I lost my password. Is there any way to recover it?
Of course, we allow users to recover lost passwords. We put together the password recovery form for this occasion.

Can I recover a forgotten email address?
We ask that you contact customer support if you forget the email address you used in the sign-up process. It is possible to recover the email address, but we will ask you to provide some basic information. This is to verify your identity and keep your email account secure. We consider this to be a necessary and important step to keeping all our members secure and safe.

Can I change the email address I signed up with if I lose access to my email account?
We don't allow users to change their email address for security reasons. If you happen to lose access to your email account, then we block the account and refund your money through the proper payment channels. As with forgotten emails, we will need you to verify your account. If you have to go through this step, then you should be prepared to answer questions and offer us potentially revealing information about the account.

Making a Deposit

What payment types do you accept?
We accept payments through BTC

Is there a minimum investment amount?
We have a minimum investment amount of $50 or equivalent.

Is there a maximum deposit?
We currently have a maximum deposit of $250.000 or equivalent.

Will I be charged a fee for making a deposit?
There are no fees at all associated with Arbitrage people. We pay all the fees involved in investment for you. We are not, however, responsible for any fees charged by your payment processor or wallet.

How do I open my account using a specific payment processor?
Arbitrage people supports a range of different payment methods. Every payment processor will have their own methods and instructions for creating an account. Check the website of your chosen payment processor to learn more or look online for tutorials and walkthroughs. These should give you all the information you need about creating and using your account.

Can I use more than one active deposit?
You certainly can. All deposits are handled individually, and users can have all the active deposits they want.

Is it possible to fund my account using a credit card or PayPal? I don' have any money with the listed payment method
It's very simple to transfer money from your credit card or PayPal account to other payment processors. Look through the website of the chosen payment processor to learn more about how you can do this. When comparing money exchange websites, you need to go with one that has a great reputation. These sites also allow you to make payments through credit cards, wire transfers, and other traditional means.


When can I make a withdrawal?
Earnings can be withdrawn every day, if you have the minimum withdrawal amount in your account.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
Our current minimum withdrawal amount is $5 or equivalent.

How do I make a withdrawal?
You need to login to your account to request a withdrawal. After logging in, just click on the "request withdrawal" button. It takes up to 24 hours to process a withdrawal request. Withdrawals are processed every day, including weekends and banking holidays.

What is the Arbitrage people affiliate program?
The Arbitrage people affiliate program offers members a great way to make some extra money through referring other people and getting them to join the program. Referring members isn't mandatory to make money, but it offers a great way to further boost your passive income. The referral system has four levels, meaning that you can continue to earn commissions on the investments and deposits made by your referrals up to four letters.

What is the least investment sum?
The least investment sum is $50.

What is the Arbitrage people representation program?
A Arbitrage people representative is someone who plans and carries out a range of strategies according to their local area. Representatives help financial specialists by counselling them and offering proposals on how to manage their assets. We reward our representatives with a more lucrative referral system, detailed below:

  • First level referrals earn 14%
  • Second level referrals earn 6%
  • Third level referrals earn 3%
  • Fourth level referrals earn 2%

  • Can I refer myself?
    No, you can't refer yourself.

    Do you have any promotional material I can share?
    We have plenty of promotional materials. You can find it all under promotional material inside the members area. There is also an outreach team you can work with the put together special marketing material for your campaign. Just contact our support team and let us know your idea, and we'll tell you if - and how - we can help.


    What is Bitcoin?
    Explaining what a bitcoin is - and understanding it - can be difficult if you've never heard of this cryptocurrency before. We'll try and keep it simple. Bitcoin is a kind of virtual currency that works independent of other currency systems. The official website of bitcoin is bitcoin.org. This site is also the best resource for learning more about the cryptocurrency.

    I can't find my answer here. Is there a way I can get answers to my other questions?
    If you need any more additional support then just open up the feedback form. Fill it in with your question, and we'll endeavor to answer as quickly as we can. You could even have your question added to this list of frequently asked questions if it is a common one, or one that we feel is in the general interest of our users.