No-Spam Policy


"Spam" in the context of electronic messaging means unsolicited and indiscriminate messages, often sent in bulk for commercial purposes. Arbitrage People employs a zero-tolerance policy on spam.

Spam Filtering

The Arbitrage People messaging system automatically scans all incoming messages and emails, filtering messages it detects as spam. Arbitrage People may also report any incoming emails as spam, which can lead to the blacklisting of domains and IPs.

Spam Filtering Issues

It's impossible to create a 100% accurate spam filtering system. There will come occasions when a legitimate message is filtered as spam by our system. If you feel that a legitimate message you sent was filtered as spam, then please use another means of communication to advise the recipient.

Take the following four steps to reduce the chances that a legitimate message is filtered as spam:

  • 1. Send the message using plain text rather than (or in addition to) HTML
  • 2. Removing attachments from the message
  • 3. Avoiding the text styling and terminology typically associated with spam
  • 4. Ensuring you scan messages for malware before sending them out

What to do if you Receive Unwanted Messages From Us

If you happen to receive a message from us our sent by our system that you consider to be spam, then please get in touch with us using the following details. We will investigate the matter for you, as we take these matters seriously.


Arbitrage People reserves the right to amend this anti-spam policy at any time. New versions are posted on Arbitrage, so check regularly to see if the policy has been updated.

Our Details

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