Term & Conditions

In this agreement, all the basic terms and conditions of use, hereinafter called the Terms of Use regarding the services and features that are offered and managed by Bitcoin Arbitrage Limited, registration number 2505897, issued in United Kingdom Companies Registry, including the proprietary website of https://arbitragepeople.com/ are defined. Arbitrage People, hereinafter known as the Company, reserves all rights to update any provisions of the agreement including addition or removal of terms, based on the offerings of the company along with other websites owned by the company.

By using this website, you might be contacted by third-party websites and the Terms of Use do not have control over the third-party websites. The Terms of Use as per the third-party website will be applicable on the same.

When you use Arbitrage People, it is deemed that you ACCEPT the Terms of Use, Confidentiality Policy and other policies even if you have not read it. In case you disagree with any of the rules, you must stop using our website and its services immediately.

The rights to amend or modify the Terms and Conditions lie solely with Arbitrage People and they can be changed periodically without any prior notice. After any changes are made, your subsequent use will deem that you accept the changes and modifications. In case you disagree with any amended or updated Terms of Use, you should stop using our website and associated services immediately. We strongly recommend that you go through our Terms of Use and Confidentiality Policy on a periodic basis.

When you sign up with us, it is assumed that you are of the legal age in your area of residence and are using our services without violating any laws of your region, if applicable.

You will be liable to pay taxes on the profit based on the legislation of your country. The profits you earn in any state will be liable to taxation irrespective of your official area of residence, actual area of residence or the area in which the company is registered.

All the financial transactions that have this agreement associated with it will be considered final and are irreversible. Creation of multiple accounts or shared payment systems for different users is strictly not allowed and in case of a violation, Arbitrage People reserves the right to block all partner accruals and eventually suspend all the accounts.

In case of a violation of this agreement, it would result in a permanent suspension of your account.

Copyright & Use of Content

All the designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, images and all other content, including the layouts and scripts are proprietary rights of Arbitrage People ©.

Although you can access the website as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the Terms of Use and Confidentiality Policy, you shall ensure that there is no usage, copy or distribution of website content and saving of the content offline or online is not permitted.


In case of violation of any terms of use, Arbitrage People reserves the right to terminate your account at its discretion and preventing the further usage of the website. In case of any legal obligation, Arbitrage People will disclose, save or transmit details related to your account including other personal data if there is a requirement as per the law for:

  • Compliance with civil proceedings.
  • Compliance with Terms of Use.
  • Protection of legal title or personal or technical security of Arbitrage People along with its staff.

Safety & Fraud Protection

In a bid to prevent any fraudulent transactions and illegal activities, our experts constantly monitor all payments. We reserve the right for payment rejection in case we suspect any fraud or illegal payments. This is a measure we undertake to ensure the best interests of the company and its clients. Investors will be able to register only one account and they can have unlimited deposits to the same account. In case of a user having multiple accounts, it is considered as a fraud and will be disqualified from participating in our program.

In case of multiple users having the same IP, payment methods, secret questions and answers, it will result in a suspension of account until there is a clarification provided. When users are suspected of fraud or of having multiple accounts, the rights are solely with Arbitrage People to suspend or block the access to account.

Under such circumstances and when the passwords are shared or there is a personal data theft, Arbitrage People shall in no way be responsible for the losses. Hence, we highly recommend that you have a secure password in place to prevent any data theft. We insist that you do not share any personal details with third-parties.

Cancelation Policy

Although all the investments made to Arbitrage People is irreversible and final, users can apply for a full refund of their investment and the profits earned will be forfeited in such circumstances. There will be a period of 30 days for processing the return in which the requests will be scrutinized.

If there is no evidence based on the decision of our technical department, Arbitrage People reserves the right to reject any refund that does not qualify based on this agreement.

Complaints or disputes that arise, if any, should be filed and will be resolved by a competent court. In case of any provision of this Agreement being termed invalid by a competent court, the remaining conditions as listed in the Terms of Use will still be applicable.